If you work from home or are thinking about starting a job that would involve working from home, you're in luck! Washington State was ranked within the top 10 states for states that are best for working from home.

Source: WalletHub

On this list of best states to work from home from WalletHub, Washington ranked 9th place. Still in the Top 10!

Delaware ranked first place which makes sense as, well, it's Delaware. What are you gonna do in Delaware?

The worst state to work from home, according to this list, is Alaska.

That makes more sense when you figure work environment and living environment all went into account in making this list.

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Washington state also ranked high in other measures:

  • 3rd in household Internet access
  • 3rd for average retail price of electricity
  • 5th for share of the population working from home
  • 9th for median square footage per average number of persons in a household.

You can see more on WalletHub. I love it when Washington State ranks well on these lists. As if we need more reason to know that Washington is a great state to live in.


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