(Pasco, WA) -- The Special Investigations Unit is now looking into an officer-involved shooting that involved Pasco Police Department Wednesday night. This happened around 11:45 at the Lakeview Trailer Park, 1505 South Road 40 East. The initial call was for a disturbance in progress. Upon arriving at the scene, officers heard a disturbance coming from inside of a trailer. Upon entering that trailer, police found  a man holding a firearm and struggling with a woman. That man, says SIU, pointed his gun at the officers and fire. One of the police returned fire and retreated from the trailer's door, all the while the suspect continued to fire his weapon.

Officers approached the door again when the man stopped firing his gun. Police ultimately determined both the man and woman had what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Officers reached inside the door, and were able to take the man into custody without further force. Both were taken to Kadlec Medical Center and have subsequently been transferred out of the area for further medical treatment. Both are currently in critical condition.

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