A suspect that was found guilty of punching a bouncer in the face was sentenced to nearly five years in prison Thursday.

28-year-old Chase Speegle was found guilty of second-degree assault by a trial by jury.

Back in Jan. 14, 2022, video surveillance footage showed Speegle punching a bouncer in the face and breaking his nose at the Joe’s Sports Bar and Grill in East Wenatchee.

During the trial, the defense claimed that Speegle was acting in self defense after he was hit in the head with a bottle.

A week prior to his sentencing date, Douglas County Superior Court received 17 letters asking for leniency on Speegle.

Speegle received the maximum sentence of 57 months due to his prior criminal history.

Speegle has previously been charged with possession of controlled substances, second and third-degree assault, a domestic violence court-order violation, and felony harassment.

He also was technically not allowed to drink due to the community custody order placed on him from Chelan County Superior Court.

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