The search continues for 4-year-old Lucian James Munguia the Yakima boy who has been missing since Saturday, September 10 from Sarge Hubbard Park.
Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell says while they decided to scale back the search operation earlier this week but the effort continues. He says officials are using drones and human remains detection dogs to search near water and areas around the park.

The boy's family has set up a 24/7 operation at the park

Udell says Sarge Hubbard Park and the 10-mile stretch of the Yakima Greenway have been searched extensively with no evidence of the boy. The boy's family is also asking for help setting up a 24-hour operation at Sarge Hubbard Park in the search for Lucian.
Udell says so far the investigation has found no evidence of foul play.
Detectives say the Lucian left the play area alone walking towards the water but they don't know what happened to him after that.

If anyone knows or sees anything they're urged to call 911

Authorities are now asking for the public's help. A press release says "we are now asking the public to continue the search and notify police immediately if they find Lucian or a clue to his location."
If you can help contact Yakima Police or call 911 with tips.
4 year Lucian was last seen at approx 7:15pm near the play area at Sarge Hubbard Park @yakimagreenway. He was wearing blue shorts and blue shirt with a shark on it. You'll see an updated picture at
Yakima's Sarge Hubbard Park is located at 111 S 18th Street in Yakima.

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