Another teenage boy has gone missing in the Aberdeen area.  Aberdeen Police put out the alert on Monday and are actively seeking information to help find him.

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Kyle Kramer was last seen in the Aberdeen area February 9th before disappearing.  Kyle is 15 years old standing 5' 11" and 110 pounds.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Phot APD Facebook/Canva
Phot APD Facebook/Canva

It is unknown if Kyle is still in the Aberdeen area.  If anyone has information of where Kyle may be or place he may have gone, reach out to Aberdeen Police.  You can contact Detective David Tarrance at (360) 533-4100 ext 4454 during business hours.

If you have information regarding Kyle's whereabouts after hours, or you see him, please call dispatch at 911 or (360) 533-8765.

Kyle is the second teen to go missing this month.  17-year-old Eric Tweed, who may have run away from his mother's home in South Aberdeen, has been missing since February 5th.

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