Area of suspect arrest (Google street view Kennewick)
Area of suspect arrest (Google street view Kennewick)

Kennewick Police have apprehended a wanted suspect accused of a violent assault.

Suspect captured, had a ghost gun on his person

Around 1:37 AM Monday, January 23rd, Kennewick Officers arrested 42-year-old Robert Angel Lopez (hometown not listed) on charges he kidnapped, assaulted and robbed his ex-girlfriend.

The woman reported Lopez had a no-contact order with her, police said he'd evaded capture during what they said were daylight hours.

The reported address by police for the arrest was 519 North Kent Place, Kennewick.

Lopez is now in the Benton County jail facing the following list of charges (per Kennewick Police Officer Fernando Ramos):

" Kidnapping 1st Degree Robbery, 1st Degree Assault 2nd Degree,  Felony Order Violation, Possession of Stolen Vehicle and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm..."

During the investigation it was discovered Lopez was in possession of what's called a "ghost gun", and because he's a convicted felon he is not allowed to possess any firearms.

According to a dictionary definition, a ghost gun is one that is privately manufactured using various parts. They are also firearms that can be purchased online and come to the buyer as a kit. Many of them are unlicensed and do not carry a serial number.

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