(San Francisco, CA)  --  Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia will work together to attain climate goals.  They have formed the Pacific Coast Collaborative.  Washington Governor Jay Inslee says together they can drive change that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Inslee says building a clean energy economy is the best way to create new jobs.  The Pacific Coast Collaborative has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 80-percent by 2050.

“This new agreement reaffirms our commitments to decarbonize our economies at a time when the consequences of victory or defeat in this effort have never been more acute. Our partnerships speak to just how diverse and interconnected the green energy economy has already become. We know where it goes from here – onward to a cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient energy economy that averts climate calamity at the same time. Together we will invest in an equitable transition to a cleaner future, build the climate infrastructure we need, and protect our communities from climate-driven wildfires, droughts, heat and flooding,” said Gov. Inslee.

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