Walla Walla housefire (Google street view)
Walla Walla housefire (Google street view)

According to Walla Walla Fire crews, the home was not occupied

Fire badly damages home early Tuesday morning

Around 1:40 AM Walla Walla city Fire crews as well as WW County Fire District 4 firefighters responded to a report of a blaze on Whitman Street. This image is from Google maps, based upon the address given by authorities. 

Upon arrival, they saw the upper part of the two-story structure was "well engaged" according to Walla Walla Communications Director Brendan Koch.

The home was in the process of being remodeled, flames were spotted in the exposed or unprotected walls on the second floor and attic.

No one was living in the home due to renovations, Koch says crews had it under control by 2:12 AM and remained on scene til about 6 AM to ensure no flare-ups.

  Damage to the home was extensive

The home, says Koch, sustained at least $70K in damages, and according to investigators the cause of the fire appears to be accidental. They did not specifically say what triggered the blaze.

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