Election results are now certified in Chelan and Douglas counties for November's election. 

There were only two tightly contested races, which were both in Chelan County. 

Shon Smith beat Anne Hessberg by 328 votes in the final tally for the County Commissioner District 2 race. 

Meanwhile, Marty Young edged out Sandra Arechiga by 478 votes in the race for County Clerk. 

The margins in both races were especially tight when compared to the total number of votes cast in each one - 33,392 in the County Commissioner rans and 32,495 in the County Clerk race. 

There were three additional contested races in Chelan County, all separated by higher margins. 

Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett raised more money than any other candidate in a Chelan County race - $88,000 - but will still be leaving office after losing his reelection bid to one of his own deputies, Mike Morrison, by 2,942 votes, a margin of 54%-45%. 

The other two races were for non-partisan positions. 

Jon Volyn beat Alan Blackmon by 1,430 votes in the race for Chelan County District Court Judge #1, good for a margin of 52%-47%. 

Although Blackmon lost the race, he will still become a Chelan County District Court Judge. 

County Commissioners appointed him to the other District Court position, #2, after incumbent Judge Kyle Mott announced that he would be resigning from the position December 5. 

Mott had been running unopposed in the election. 

Meanwhile, in the Chelan PUD Commissioner District 3 race, Carnan Bergren beat Aurora Flores by 3,076 votes, translating to a 55%-44% margin. 

As far as the partisan races were concerned, all Chelan County candidates in the November election were Republicans, except for Hessburg, who ran as an Independent. 

The only race with more than one candidate in Douglas County was for PUD Commissioner No.1, where Aaron Viebrock beat Randy Agnew by a wide margin - 68%-32% 

The $185 million Eastmont School District bond package received 51% approval, well short of the 60% approval required for bonds to pass. 

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