There’s only one week remaining in October, but the White River, Irving Peak, and Minnow Ridge Fires are still burning near Lake Wenatchee.

Spokesperson Robin DeMario with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest says the fires may not be out yet but the rate of their respective burning has definitely slowed in recent days.

“The White River, Irving Peak, and Minnow Ridge Fires’ combined acreage is now at 15,908. We are hopeful that number will remain the same this week as cooler temperatures and precipitation moves into the area.”

Despite the forecast for rain, little - if any - fell on the fires last weekend, but DeMario says the arrival of cooler weather has helped in recent days.

“Activity on the fires has diminished quite a bit with the cooler temperatures that have come into the area. But we’re still hopeful for a season-ending rain event soon.”

The White River and Irving Peak Fires were both sparked by lightning on August 11 and merged into a single fire four weeks later, while the Minnow Ridge Fire was ignited by unknown causes and was first reported on September 9.

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