Area of strange roof inspectors (FCSO)
Area of strange roof inspectors (FCSO)


Franklin County Deputies are advising Mesa area residents, or anyone else in the county, to keep an eye out for behavior that seems out of place.

    Men going door to door offering roof night

Thursday night, the FCSO reported they'd received a call from a resident in the Mesa area, about a quartet of men who arrived in the area in a black SUV and were going door-to-door offering to do inspections on roofs. From the image provided by the FCSO, it appears it was near May and Peabody Ave. in Mesa.

The FCSO says they, like the residents, found this to be suspicious. One of the males was described as a white male with dark hair, and ear piercings.

The FCSO reminds citizens that if someone comes to their door offering services at "odd" hours, they can always call dispatch at (509)-628-0333.


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