Every day, someone goes missing in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Sometimes, some of these instances are quickly solved, perhaps a miscommunication, and the person that was once believed to have gone missing returns home. But all too often, years may pass, without the slighted word of the mother, father, sister, brother, or friend who is gone, but not forgotten. The worry and the anguish continue for families who are left desperately wondering.

Resources and Information on Missing Persons in Washington State

The Washington State Patrol Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit, in concert with local law enforcement agencies, work tirelessly to help find those who've gone missing. We regularly update this list, as some cases are solved, and new cases are reported. Happily, some missing persons do come home, but sadly, several of the persons from the list are still mysteriously gone, and if a few cases, were confirmed deceased.

There are several new names, faces, and stories of those who have gone missing since our last update, and we've included them here in hopes of reuniting them with their loved ones. Please examine each of the photos in the gallery below.

Missing Persons in Washington State - A Photo Gallery With Vital Information

Please examine the gallery of persons currently listed as missing on the MUPU list, and see if you recognize any of the persons listed whose families continue to hope. Each picture contains the missing person's name, when they went missing, and which law enforcement agency to contact if you know something that could help.

Resources for finding Missing Persons in Oregon and California can be found below in the Washington State Photo Gallery. Buttons with links are provided for your convenience.

UPDATES - Unsolved Missing Persons in Washington

Missing Persons in Washington State

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