U.S. Highway 2 through Tumwater Canyon will be closed for roughly seven hours tomorrow (Tuesday, October 4).

The closure will allow crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) to perform seasonal maintenance.

DOT spokesperson, Lauren Loebsack, says the work will get the roadway in better shape for winter.

“We’ll be doing things like pothole repair, removing some hazardous trees that are adjacent to the highway, and cleaning out some catchment basins that are along the rock slopes.”

A detour will be in place on State Route 207 and the Chumstick Highway for motorists, and Loebsack says the closure applies to everything on wheels, as well as those on foot.

“When it’s closed to traffic, that also means bicyclists and pedestrians. We’re not expecting to be experiencing the traveling public when we close the canyon. Last year we had a couple of bicyclists come through during the work, but closed means closed.”

The closure will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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