Exploring the Beauty: 5 Gorgeous Washington State Mountains Can Still Go Boom

I'll never forget May 18th, 1980 as Mount St. Helens blew its top, raining down ash and soot as far away as my hometown of Clarkston Washington.

Eruption Watch Continues At Mt. Saint Helens
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Discovering How These 5 Gorgeous Washington State Mountains Can Still Go Boom

My dad was going to take us kids fishing but as we got ready to leave the skies got dark as we sat in the back of his pickup. My dad called off the fishing trip.

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I recall the skies going black and dark and it was quite the sight to watch the news coverage. I was in the fifth grade at the time.

Could another eruption happen? You bet, we just don't know when but here are five mountains in Washington State that could still erupt at any time.

These 5 Gorgeous Washington State Mountains Can Still Go Boom

Take a closer look at these five majestic mountains in the Pacific Northwest and find out how they might still be active volcanoes.

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Our mountains are beautiful here in Washington State but they can also be deadly.

I wonder if we'll see another eruption in our lifetime. I guess time will only tell.

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