What is Hidden House?

Hidden House Market is an event space in Vancouver, Washington.

Why is It Called Hidden House?

It was built by Lowell Mason Hidden. Get it?

Who is Lowell Mason Hidden?

L.M. Hidden was a pioneer who contributed greatly to the small village of Vancouver. Starting in 1864, he farmed the land, started the first trolley in town, and dug the first water system. He organized the first county fair, served on the city council, and helped construct a railroad.

Hearing of L.M.'s success, more members of the Hidden family made Vancouver their home and were inspired to try their hand at entrepreneurship. They all did pretty well. Collectively, the family is best remembered for the brickyard.

There's more. Much more. But you're here to learn about a ghost.

The Haunting of Hidden House

Many businesses have operated out of the home over the years. Former employees of those businesses have reported strange goings on. Nothing harmful. Just weird: doors locking by themselves, footsteps coming from no one, and the unseen voice greeting them upon entering. The same voice could often be heard singing.

Who is the Singing Ghost of Hidden House?

L.M. Hidden had a daughter who loved to sing, not just in some church choir, but simply anywhere she was. Singing made her happy. It is believed that the crooning ghost is Hidden's daughter, Julie Hidden. And she must be a happy ghost, because she's still singing.

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