Back in 2000 I took a trip to Madrid, Spain. The flight had a two-hour layover in Amsterdam, and by the time I arrived, it was a 19 hour day. Me being 18, and going on a trip this big for my first time, alone, I was paranoid about falling asleep on the plane, having someone rob me, or me missing a connecting flight, or ending up somewhere WRONG. You know, all those normal flying fears!

By the time I arrived and met up with the family I was staying with, it was 8am in the morning. I had a goal! Stay awake all day and night, and when it was time for bed in Spain, that is when I would finally go to sleep. To be honest, it worked. By the time I was able to go to sleep, I was awake for over 32 hours and I woke up the next morning (after 9 hours of sleep) with no jet lag. So, that is one cure for jet lag, granted, I was 18-years-old, and that was 23 years ago. I don't think I could do that same thing today!

Sunrise over an Airplane Wing

Luckily, new research says that there is a better way to beat jet lag, and it's something I can get behind, no problem! Australian researchers ran simulations monitoring 23 volunteer customers who were given instructions on what to eat, how to keep the lighting, and their movements. The menu included chocolate!

Sweet Homemade Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
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After it was all said and done, the experts concluded that those who ate the menus that contained chocolate, slept better during the in-flight, as well as had less jet lag and in days after the flight, had better cognitive abilities.

 "The early results are promising, and it’s given us great momentum to look to the next stage of customer research to support Project Sunrise product and service design."
- Professor Peter Cistulli

More research will be done, but so far, the findings are pretty sweet! (Pun intended).

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