Anne Hessburg and Shon Smith are neck in neck in Chelan County's district 2 Commissioner race in Tuesday's general election.  

 Smith leads by less than one percent, and Hessburg isn't conceding anything. 

 "It's really close," said Hessburg. "And with about 25 percent of the vote left to count, it could go either way at this point. So, it'll be exciting to see how this plays out over the course of the next couple of days as the county continues to count more of the ballots." 

 Hessburg says she is grateful for all her support, regardless of results. 

 Smith is expecting a surge once more votes come in. 

 "There's a big push to turn your ballots in late to cut down on fraud," said Smith. "But I think that the more ballots come in, the greater the spread will end up." 

Smith leads the race by 272 votes with 7,540 vote still to count.

 Hessburg more than doubled Smith in fundraising for the election - $75,839.00 to $33,153.64. The money raised in the race was only outstripped countywide by the Chelan County Sheriff's contest. 

 More election results will be reported later this week. 

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