The Washington State Senate is taking steps to make sure resources are available to support sex trafficking victims.

State senators unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the importance of education and awareness on the issue.

13th District Senator Judy Warnick says she was shocked to hear about a child victim in Grant County.

"Young girl being prostituted in someone's back shed, garden shed, and it just blew my mind that this is happening," Warnick said. "We need to join with our partners, service clubs, law enforcement and government agencies to stop this horrible practice. So, I'm honored to rise and support this resolution."

The resolution comes four months after state patrol Investigators in Grant County arrested seven men in connection with a case involving sex abuse and exploitation of children.

It was the State Patrol's 19th operation as part of "Operation Net Nanny" where officers posed as underage children online and chat with suspects who express an interest in sexually abusing children.



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