We have some great local breweries in the Yakima Valley! Bale Breaker, Valley Brewing, 5th Line, The Tap, and Bron Yr Aur, to name a few. With something so extraordinary in a place that supplies a good amount of the world with hops, it is great to add a new brewery! This one just might be your new favorite!

The new brewery is on Selah's outskirts, which makes sense with the name Outskirts Brewing Co. After a year of work, the new business announced via its Facebook Page that they are ready for its Grand Opening!

"Hard to imagine that we have been working on this place for almost exactly a year now. We are beyond excited to announce that we will be open for business on Monday, May 15th. Can't wait to see you all down here!" – Outskirts Brewing Co.


Only a little is known about what will be at their grand opening. Their website (as of this writing is under development) says how Outskirts Brewing Co. will be "Bringing a unique brewery and restaurant experience to Selah." I'm sure we'll be getting more details about what they'll have on tap and what will be on the menu for the restaurant portion of the brewery as we get closer to the May 15th open date. (Grand Opening Photo Below: Digital Vendetta)

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