(The Center Square) – Seattle Public Schools is considering the reintegration of Seattle police officers on school grounds as it explores ways to improve student safety.

Seattle Public Schools told The Center Square in an email that the district is in discussion with city officials regarding how school emphasis officers and school resource officers could be reintegrated into the district’s ongoing program of safety improvements.

“As part of these discussions, we are committed to engaging with students and the broader community to ensure their voices are heard before any final decisions are made,” Seattle Public Schools said to The Center Square.

The district terminated its relationship with the Seattle Police Department in 2020 amid calls from students and staff to remove police officers from campuses in light of protests against police violence nationwide.

Seattle Public Schools’ planned budget for its safety and security department in the coming school year is $6.2 million. The funding covers a range of safety resources, including facility enhancements and mental health support.

The district noted that the potential reintroduction of school emphasis officers and school resource officers would be funded separately.

On Tuesday, Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Brent Jones announced more than $2 million in funding for improving school building exteriors and boosting campus security as a result of the killing of a student on school grounds earlier this month.

Jones said that the district will also consider safety changes, including requiring clear backpacks, identification badges on school premises and closing campuses for lunch.

Seattle police officers do collaborate with school teams on campuses as needed. The district added that officers have routinely provided “emphasis patrols” in school neighborhoods during periods of heightened concern.

“Our coordinated efforts are aimed at creating a safe and secure environment for all students and staff,” the district said in conclusion.

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