It's still not known what happened after a report of a person jumping off the George Sellar Bridge Thursday afternoon. 

Traffic on the bridge between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee was backed up when police, fire and rescue vehicles arrived on the scene just after 5pm. 

Wenatchee Valley Fire spokesperson Kay McKellar says there was a quick and heavy use of both equipment and personnel to find anyone in the river. 

"They toned Station 4 to have a boat come out," said McKellar. “Fire and aid were there on the bridge. They had rescue swimmers enter the water. They used binoculars to try and locate the subject." 

The fire department sent crews to both sides of the bridge, and even sent a drone over the water in search of a person. 

McKellar says no one actually saw the person jump off the bridge. 

"The reporting party said a man was standing on the railing," McKellar said. "When she looked back after driving past, he was gone, so that was just her assumption." 

The heavy response was concluded after an extensive search without anyone being found in the water. 

McKellar says there's nothing to go on for further rescue or recovery attempts since no one has been reported missing. 

The emergency activity extensively backed up traffic on the bridge over the Columbia River during the middle of 5pm rush hour. 

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