Crews are currently rebuilding campsites at the 25-mile State Park in Chelan after high water levels flooded roadways last week.

On May 4, a log jam at a bridge near the state park was blocking water from a nearby culvert, pulling water from the creek over the roadway, making the roads impassable. 

Later that night, county crews were able to get the log jam removed with the water going back into its channel.

South Lakeshore Road past Hale Road was only accessible to local traffic while crews worked to rebuild the damaged road during the following weekend. When Monday rolled around, crews were able to clear the culvert, rebuild the road, and reopen it to the public.

Park Ranger Sharon Soelter says the park was reopened on Friday, May 12. 

Crews are still working to rebuild 11 campsites located in the upper campground, hoping to have those rebuilt by next weekend.

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