[Updated Version of Events 6/21/23 9:20am]

Richland Police say the chase began after officers in the area heard a loud crash at Jadwin and Swift near the police department headquarters.

They saw the truck attempting to leave the scene at a high rate of speed and attempted to stop the suspect before he crashed at Jadwin and Swift.

[Original Version 6/20/23 9:27pm]

A man faces serious charges after leading Richland Police on a high-speed chase and crash last night. 

Officers were pursuing the suspect northbound on Jadwin Avenue when he lost control and crashed into a utility pole on Swift Boulevard in front of Jimmy John’s. 

The store’s assistant manager, “Wilee”, saw officers quickly surround the disabled truck with the suspect still in the driver's seat.

"I heard the screeching of tires and I look up. All of a sudden, there was a black pickup truck up on our sidewalk. I thought it hit the building. Guns were drawn everywhere," Wilee said. "And it seems like they (police) fired off a beanbag round because he made some weird movements. He wasn't really cooperating too much at first."

The suspect was secured by officers and treated by paramedics on the sidewalk before they placed him in an ambulance. 

No word on what led to the chase. 

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Police Chase Ends in Crash

Suspect lost control and crashed into utility pole on the sidewalk of busy intersection



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