A public open house is taking place next Tuesday to provide details on a two part project that'll make upgrades to two roadways and improve stormwater management in the East Wenatchee area.

The $5 million project includes $2.2 million from the state Department of Ecology to improve roadside gutters and curbs, and to make upgrades to stormwater drainage.

"We're going to be putting in a stormwater pond at the corner of 19th Street and Cascade Avenue," said East Wenatchee Public Works Manager Garren Melton. "It'll take all the stormwater initially up to Sunset Hwy., and eventually all the way up to Eastmont."

The upgrades should improve water quality on the close by Columbia River, and the Sand Canyon Drainage. 

It'll provide stormwater runoff treatment and control of water flow capacity for about 1.3 miles of the urban roadway corridor. 

In addition, educational information on stormwater will be displayed by a kiosk, various plaques, and viewing points along a walkable pathway inside the area.

The other part of the project uses $2 million in state money for upgrades to 19th Street NW and Cascade Avenue in the East Wenatchee area.. 

Plans call for the rehabilitation and widening of the roadways including the installation of turn lanes, bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the street. 

"We're going to be rebuilding all of 19th Street and NW Cascade, for about a quarter mile up Cascade." 

This project is currently in the final phase of design. Construction is scheduled to start this summer. 

The water management will use low impact methods including bio-filtration, and bio-infiltration.  

A joint release by East Wenatchee and Douglas County says capital transportation improvements and safety objectives will be achieved with the installation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities while removing obstructions and channelizing the existing roadways. 

The entire effort is a partnership between the city and the county, who are together investing $800,000 on the project.

The Open House will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the Douglas County Public Services Building 140 19th Street NW in East Wenatchee.

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