A wildfire has forced the Oregon Department of Transportation to close I-84.

Eastbound lanes remain closed between Exit 216, 6 miles east of Pendleton, and Exit 374 in Ontario. There's a wildfire burning between mileposts 365 and 367. Westbound lanes are closed between Ontario and Baker City.

According to a news release from ODOT:

The eastbound closure was moved from Baker City to Pendleton due to limited truck parking space in Baker City and La Grande, creating unsafe conditions for those communities. OR 245 southwest of Baker City is also closed to all but local traffic, as it is not a viable detour for freeway traffic.

Firefighters are on the scene battling the dangerous blaze, however, the winds are hampering their efforts. ODOT officials advise that the closures may remain in place for several hours. There are no detours available.

For more information, you're encouraged to visit Tripcheck.com or call 511 or 800-977-6368 for updated information. Outside of Oregon, please call 503-588-2941.

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