Who Are The Biggest Artists To Ever Play The Spokane Arena?

One of the most famous Beatles played the Spokane Arena this year and my co-worker couldn't believe that Paul McCartney was kicking off his world tour in a smaller city and venue than what I'm sure McCartney is famous for playing like Madison Square Garden.

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Can You Name The Biggest Artists Of All Time Playing In Washington State?

I love it when the biggest artists come to the smaller towns and cities. I recall seeing Cher at the Yakima Valley Sundome and Ellen Degeneres at the Capitol Theater in Yakima years ago, even Elton John has played the Yakima Sundome.

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I've often made jokes that Elton John didn't physically touch the ground in Yakima as he was whisked from his private plane, in a limo, to the venue and back again. I'm sure he had to look at a cue card even to know what city he was playing in that night.

Jennifer Lopez In Concert - New York, NY
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But on occasion, the biggest artists can play some of the smaller venues, and the Spokane Arena does seat 12,000 having broken ground back in 1993. I think the biggest show I saw there was Bryan Adams back in the day.

I thought we'd walk down memory lane and take a look at 10 artists who usually play 75,000 or more venues that once graced the stage at the Spokane Arena:

No Way: 10 of the Biggest Artists To Ever Play the Spokane Arena

Did these 10 massively famous musical artists ever play the Spokane Arena? You'll be surprised!

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

As you can see, a very impressive list of who's who. My son made the comment about U2 being irrelevant but I'm sure if U2 performed at the arena, they'd sell out tickets in minutes.

U2 In Concert - Nashville, Tennessee
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What's your favorite concert that you have ever seen at the Spokane Arena, let me know in the comments below.

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