Do You Recall Some Of The Worst Winters In Washington State?

Having spent most of my life in Washington State, I recall some memorable winters when the snowfall crippled some towns and communities, and here are 10 of the biggest snow days in Washington State history.


What Are Some Of The Single Most-Inches Snow Day In Washington State?

I especially remember the winter of 1996. I was living in Seattle and I couldn't believe how much snowfall we got that year.

There have been some crazy winters here in Washington State but for the most part, we get to enjoy pretty mild winters compared to other states.

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There have been some years where Washington State got pummeled by snow and we hold some pretty impressive records on the most snowfall in ONE day.

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According to, these counties and years received the most snowfall in one day, setting big records in Washington State.

Jan 9, 1980
- Skamania County: 32 inches
Dec 31, 1968
- Lewis County: 32 inches
Jan 25, 1954
- Mason County: 36 inches
Nov 19, 1996
- Klickitat County: 36 inches
Feb 2, 1916
- Kittitas County: 37 inches
Jan 19, 1943
- Whatcom County: 42 inches
Jan 20, 1943
- Chelan County: 44 inches
Jan 2, 1965
- King County: 45 inches
Jan 21, 1935
- Okanogan County: 52 inches
Nov 26, 1955
- Pierce County: 70 inches

As you can see, Washington State has had some memorable winters. The winters of 1996, 2004, and 2019 still linger in my mind.

I've always said that I'd rather drive in white fluffy snow than drive on ice any day of the week. At least the forecast for this winter seems to be a mild one.

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