Person pulled from burning garage in Richland by KFD (KFD)
Person pulled from burning garage in Richland by KFD (KFD)

Thanks to prompt and fearless responses by fire crews, a person escaped serious injury and perhaps death in Richland Thursday.

  Two firemen pulled a person from a burning garage

Kennewick Firefighters reported that Trappet and Riley Garrett, who work at the city's newest fire station (3) located on Grandridge Boulevard, responded along with Richland units to a fire in Richland.

Kennewick Station 3 was the first to arrive and the two Garretts (who operate the Medic unit) heard there was likely someone inside the garage. As fire crews knocked down the flames, the two ran into the smoking, burning garage and were able to locate and safely rescue the person. No one else was found to be inside the home or the garage.

Interestingly, Kennewick Fire said that normally there are 3 firemen at the station, but due to a certain staffing situation Thursday, there happened to be five. That allowed them to respond with both the engine and the EMT unit.

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