According to KING-5 TV and the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association), the vote to sanction girls flag football as a varsity sport did not pass.

   Sources say the measure did not reach the 60 percent supermajority

The WIAA has an advisory council made up of 53 athletic directors, coaches, and other leaders in WA state. In order to add an official varsity sport in WA, the vote has to be a super-majority of 60 percent or higher. The last 'new' sport to be added was girls slowpitch softball a few years ago.

A few days ago the WIAA voted and the measure did not pass. Sources did not say what the margin was. According to KING-5, some of the opposition came from AD's who said in this current economy of belt-tightening, it would not be wise or feasible to add another varsity sport--regardless of what it might be.

The biggest push for adding girls' flag football across the US has come from the NFL and in the Pacific Northwest from the Seattle Seahawks. There's very little activity on this front in Eastern WA, but in the Puget Sound area, there are a number of schools that already have or are preparing to offer club teams.

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The biggest programs are in the Puyallup School District, which has four 4A high schools. Emerald Ridge had enough turnout they were able to field a freshman or "C" team, a junior varsity and varsity.

These Puget Sound Schools say they already have provisions in place to run a league, and they will have their own season, playoffs and crown a champion.

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