A Thurston County Judge rejected a legal challenge filed by WA State GOP Chairman Jim Walsh over 'warning labels' that would be put on ballots concerning the three Lets Go WA Initiatives in November.

  Judge rules labels can stay

The WA Legislature passed not long ago what's called the PIIC, or Public Investment Impact Disclosure statute, which allows what are now referred to as 'warning labels' on certain ballot items that would have to do with financial impacts.

GOP Chairman Jim Walsh and others filed the lawsuit, claiming WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson contradicted himself when it comes to if these labels apply to the three Lets Go WA Initiatives.

They are the ones that could repeal the Climate Commitment Act, allow citizens to opt out of the Long Term Cares Act or WA Cares, and do away with the Capital Gains Tax--which the State Supreme Court basically ruled was an excise tax.

According to The Center Square;

"The Republican backers of the three initiatives argued that AG Ferguson contradicted himself when it comes to when the law about fiscal impact statements should apply. They pointed to the fact supporters of the CCA, Capital Gains and WA Cares didn’t want to use the words ‘tax or fee’ when supporters were arguing for passage."

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Judge  Allyson Zipp said it appears the legislature was attempting to ensure the public would be made aware of what changes could be made to public "investments" or other financial matters when it comes to ballot initiatives or measures.

Opponents of the 'warning label' practice say the AG's office (the state) will attempt to persuade voters with 'scare tactics' about how government programs would negatively be affected by repealing certain taxes or levies.

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