The North Central Washington region is under an excessive heat watch posted by the National Weather Service.

The Wenatchee Valley is forecast to reach high temperatures up to 109 early this week.

Chelan PUD has offered a series of suggestions on their website to help you save energy by keeping the temperatures from rising inside your home.

The goal is to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible and save energy.

Use the cooling effects of a breeze

Remember to switch ceiling fans onto the summer setting to circulate air in the proper direction to help you feel cooler.  A ceiling fan on summer setting will allow you to set the thermostat cooling around 4 degrees higher without sacrificing comfort. Chelan PUD recommends turning off the fan when a room is not in use.

Sunshades are like a sunbrella for your home.

Awnings or sunshades on the south and west exposures of your home are very effective at blocking radiation and heat from the sun. They are more effective at reducing heat in your home and lowering power bills than most interior window shades.

Windows are a tool to beat the heat.

An inexpensive strategy with your windows is to open them at night when the air is cooler, allowing some of the heat to escape..  Remember to close windows and shut blinds in the morning to keep the sun out. If you can invest in energy energy-efficient windows that help block solar rays, the upgrade will save you even more money and keep your home more comfortable.  Look at Chelan PUD Window rebate programs for more information.

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Try to avoid cranking up the AC

When a heat spell hits, try to avoid the temptation to drop the temperature threshold for the AC to kick in.  Consider keep your home’s thermostat around 78 degrees during the day.  During the evening if comfortable, open your windows and turn the AC off before going to bed to cool off. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat to save energy.  They will automatically adjust settings to your personal schedule.   Learn more about smart thermostat rebates 

Tune-up you AC or consider an upgrade

Make sure your AC system or heat pump has had a recent tune-up and that the filter is clean.  That should be all that any fairly new system may need.  Clelan PUD's energy experts say outdated heat pumps and air conditioners may raise cooling costs, the same for leaking window AC units.  If you want to consider an upgrade to a new energy-efficient heat pump that offers year-round comfort, learn more about Chelan PUD's rebate program

Consider some alternatives to household activities

Use the cold water setting on your washing machine to save about 90% of your machine's energy demand. Hang your clothes out to dry which may be faster than in your dryer on a hot day.  Consider preparing meals in the microwave, grilling or a BBQ outside or going out to eat.  The idea is to avoid using the oven or stovetop.

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