Shaun Peet, Nascar pit coach and former minor league hockey player with degrees in Psychology and Sociology will speak at the Annual Sunshine Business Luncheon in Pasco Monday.

Peet is the co-founder of Deck Leadership, a program that inspires organizations to achieve more by using practices learned and mastered on Pit Row on the Nascar circuit.

He's been selected as the keynote speaker for the luncheon hosted by the Pasco Chamber of Commerce.

"I'm excited to come to Pasco. Growing up as a kid, I always wanted to be a Tri-City American. 40 years later, I'm coming to town," Peet said. "We're going to talk about how to build high functioning teams, how to inspire human brilliance and basically, how to weaponize your culture."

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada, Peet played four years of hockey at Dartmouth College and graduated with high honors and a double major. He played eight years for the New Mexico Scorpions before moving on to Nascar as part of the Red Bull Racing Crew.

Now with Deck Leadership and Pit Coach for Trackhouse Racing, Peet will talk about his experience building the fastest teams on the planet and how it pertains to his business.

"I took over the Pit Crew department at Chip Ganassi Racing and they were outside the top 25. Within six years, we had them in the top five and now we have the fastest team in NASCAR," Peet said. "And the beauty of it is, we did it with half the budget. The reason we were able to do that is because we did with it our culture, and it started with valuing people."

The luncheon runs from 11:30 until 1:00pm Monday.

To RSVP, we set up a link here.

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