Are you one of the lucky ones who works for one of the top 50 companies in Washington state? These are the employers whose workers report the most amounts of happiness in their workplace environment, imagine that! (See the full list below.)

What do I think is the top gripe of workers in Washington state (or any state for that matter)?

Meetings that should have been an email!




 Employees in WA State Are Thrilled to Work at These 50 Companies

The employees who are fortunate enough to work at one of these top 50 Washington companies likely don’t have many reasons to complain about their bosses strolling by their desk unannounced to tell them they have to come in on Saturdays (or whatever day off they get).

Now, let's dive a little deeper into what makes these top companies so special:

Fun Co-workers:

Not having to deal with co-workers who make your life miserable, create too many workplace rules, or micromanage you, is a sign of a great company to work for. Some teams even enjoy hanging out with each other after work hours. Sometimes, though, it's inevitable that one of your coworkers is always complaining about something– like complaints about your boss (or corporate policies they find irritating).

Promotion Opportunities:

If you pay your dues, you can get a big promotion as a reward for your hard work, instead of getting sent to an office closet in the basement.


Inclusive Co-Worker Environment:

Working with fellow employees from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and in some cases, continents, makes coming to work more enjoyable, if not entertaining.

Satisfactory Bonus Structure:

Employers consistently shelling out bonuses to lower-level employees definitely makes working there a 'top company."

Work Perks:

Top Washington companies offer amazing perks that most of us dream of: affordable healthcare, shorter commutes, remote work freedom, sports event tickets, generous parental leave, extra holidays, free company trips, fun training, spacious offices, company cars, and free cell service.

Company Pride:

Employees who work for one of the top 50 companies in Washington are proud to work there. In some cases, they even BRAG about it to their envious friends and family.



These are the top 15 companies.


Here is the rest of the list:

16 . City of Seattle
17 . U.S. Department of the Interior
18 . REI
19 . Virginia Mason
20 . Boeing
21 . Puget Sound Energy
22 . King County
23 . Auburn School District
24 . Pacaar
25 . F5
26 . Accenture
27 . Premera Blue Cross
28 . Honeywell International
29 . U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
30 . Best Buy
31 . United Parcel Service (UPS)
32 . Cambia Health Solutions
33 . Comcast
34 . Marriott International
35 . BECU
36 . Kaiser Permanente
37 . Target
38 . The Home Depot
39 . Providence St. Joseph Health
40 . Nordstrom
41 . United States Department of Defense
42 . Confluence Health
43 . MultiCare Health System
44 . Starbucks
45 . Expedia Group
46 . Bethel School District
47 . Kohl’s
48 . Compass Group

Compass Group Logo
Compass Group via Facebook

49 . TJX Companies
50 . Swedish Medical Center

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