Houston beat Seattle with walk-off 3 run homer Tuesday--Getty Images
Houston beat Seattle with walk-off 3 run homer Tuesday--Getty Images

If the Mariners win against Houston in the NLDS (National League Division Series) either Thursday or Saturday, there will be Game 4 Sunday in Seattle, which will result in the largest traffic jam in the PNW in years.

 If Mariners force Game 4, the Hawks will bump back the kick-off 90 minutes

 According to KIRO 710 radio, a Game 4 would start at T-Mobile Park at 12:07 PM, but the Hawks are scheduled to play the Arizona Cardinals across the street at Lumen Field at 1:05 PM.

This would result in the mother of all traffic jams, so if the M's force Game 4, the Hawks will bump back their kickoff to 2:30 PM.  It's not a huge difference, but the 90-minute window is believed to be enough to allow baseball fans to leave after the NFL game starts, and when the Hawks are done, the baseball fans will be long gone.

 The Mariners missed this scenario by one pitch on Tuesday.

Seattle was ahead 7-5 in the bottom of the 9th in Houston when the Astros hit a three-run two-out walk-off homer to win 8-7.   Seattle will play them again on Thursday at 12:37 PM then head to Seattle for Game 3 at T-Mobile Park on Saturday at 1:07 PM.

A win in either of those games will trigger the Hawks to be bumped back. If the Astros win both, then it's a moot point.

There had been some rumors of Seattle heading to Phoenix to play on the road instead, and the Cards would come back to Seattle in about a month, but that scenario was not utilized.

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