It's that time of year again where many companies are having their annual holiday parties. An event where coworkers can mingle and get to know each other outside of the workplace.

One woman took to Mumsnet to vent that she is confused after her husband was not invited to his company's party for a second year in a row.

She explained that his colleagues initially said they didn't "understand why" he wasn't invited, then spilled that he doesn't get along with the individual organizing the event.

"My husband has told me that for the second year of working for a company, he has not been invited to the Christmas party. His work comprises of a few smaller teams and the person in charge of one of these teams also works in a pub and arranges the event," she wrote via Mumsnet. "My husband and this person speak on a frequent basis and the coordinator has even discussed the party in front of my husband."

She stated that her husband even caught one of his coworkers lying about not going to the party, so it wouldn't be "awkward."

"My husband isn’t the sort to speak up about it or to find out why, but am I being unreasonable at being annoyed that no one else has spoken up for him?" she continued. "I can see my husband is gutted at not being invited and he says others across the teams have mentioned it to him."

The woman added that she feels as if her family are "social misfits," as her daughter was recently the only girl in her class who wasn't invited to a peer's birthday party.

Users offered up suggestions to the woman, stating that her husband should ask his boss about not being invited.

"Your husband should ask the boss during a 1-2-1 [meeting]. I’d say I was just wondering if I’d done something to upset the team as I’ve not been invited to the party. It’s completely unacceptable as the boss to do that," one person wrote, while another commented: "That is so hurtful and rude and childish."

"This could be evidence of workplace bullying," another person said, while a fourth stated: "This is bullying. Plain and simple. Clearly everyone knows of his non-invite as a colleague mentioned feeling awkward and therefore the employer surely knows, and are letting it slide! He needs to stand up to be honest or take it further. Feel really sorry for him!"

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