A wanted suspect who was being sought by Kennewick Police was arrested after he exchanged gunfire with police.

 Wanted suspect exchanged gunfire with Police on September 13th

Shootout with suspect (KPD)
Shootout with suspect (KPD)

According to the SIU, Special Investigations Unit, by way of KPD, the following was released Thursday:

"..Kennewick Police Detective Cory McGee observed Anthony Logan Martinez-Mata (26) who was known by KPD detectives and was wanted on a felony assault charge involving a firearm and was also known to have several felony warrants (in-state and out-of-state). Upon attempting contact, Martinez-Mata fled from uniformed Officer Avery Smith of the Kennewick Police Department into the apartment complex of Clearwater Bay Apartments. As Officer Smith attempted contact, Martinez-Mata presented a gun and fired multiple shots at Officer Smith. Officer Smith returned fire and Martinez-Mata retreated and entered an apartment of an unknown resident. The resident of the apartment fled out a back window of the apartment and contacted Kennewick Police Officers. KPD officers contained the apartment and summoned the assistance of the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team."

Mata was arrested around 8:35 PM that evening by SWAT, KPD, and other officers. He was medically cleared and taken to the Benton County Jail. These videos depict the exchange of gunfire between Mata and an officer, as well as his apprehension. The SIU investigation does not include KPD as they were directly involved.

The SIU has not made this video available for embedding purposes, to see the video including the body cam footage and shooting, click here to be taken to YouTube.

 We have linked to beginning at the point where the gunfire starts. 

The SIU process is still ongoing and may take weeks more to complete.

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