Nordstrom's Announced 3 New Nordstrom Racks Store, One To Be In Union Gap

Growing up in Washington State, I've often talked about being a poor kid. When I was in school, my clothing choices were generally the blue light special at K-Mart.

It was a big deal if I was allowed to shop at JC Penney or Sears.

The Bon Marche for my small town of Lewiston/Clarkston was where the rich people shopped.

When Will The New Nordstrom Rack Store Open In The Yakima Valley?

In my senior year, a friend of the family flew me to Seattle for a week and the experience changed my life. It was in between my junior and senior years of high school.

I had never shopped at a Nordstrom's before but the family took me shopping for a few things like pants and a coat.

It wasn't about the money but going into my senior year, I felt more confident and more self-assured with my new clothes on my back.

It's amazing when you get into high school how important clothes become and I spent all my lawn mowing money on new clothes.

I'm excited about the Nordstrom Rack store opening in Union Gap because it does give people a chance to buy clothes you normally wouldn't get in a small town.

I do think it's a good thing for Tri-Cities as well.

The Number One Business That People Want To See In Tri-Cities Is Trader Joe's

I hope investors take a second look at the Columbia Basin and realize there is a lot of growth and expansion going on.

Yakima has the luxury of having a few cool stores that we need in the Tri-Cities. Shoppers will drive to Valley Mall for the stores that our own Columbia Center Mall doesn't have.

I think it's time Trader Joe's was finally brought to the Tri-Cities. If you can get Nordstrom Rack to the Yakima area, why not Trader Joe's in the Tri-Cities?


Can New Yakima Valley Stores Bring New Business To The Tri-Cities?

People will travel from Yakima and the lower Yakima Valley to have a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A and we know they will because look at the backup at Popeyes. 

Popularity Of Fast Food Chicken Helps Drive Nationwide Chicken Shortages And Price Increases
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Seattle and Spokane enjoy Dick's burgers so maybe it's time to reach out and invite those owners to open up shop in the Tri-Cities.


I just know that the opening and success of Nordstrom Rack in Union Gap could be good for the Tri-Cities because the Tri-Cities offer so many business opportunities and we've proven "if you build it, we will come".

It's time to bring some of those beloved brands to Tri-Cities, trust me, the investors and the businesses won't regret it.

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