Grant County Sheriff’s Office recently received a salary bump for their Corrections deputies.

Grant County Board of Commissioners and Teamsters Local 760 agreed to raise wages to increase staffing at Grant County Jail.

A Corrections deputy will receive an entry-level pay of $64,147 annually, and up to $80,163 annually after 15 years of service.

Grant County Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman says Corrections deputies were receiving substandard pay before this raise.

“We've had difficulty hiring over the past few years due to substandard pay in comparison to other corrections facilities,” Foreman said.

The average salary for a Corrections deputy was previously set around $43,000.

Foreman says the increase in pay was accepted in order to attract more prospective applicants to staff their new Grant County Jail that will be built within the next decade.

“We're looking to hire at least 10 additional corrections deputies and we're not alone with that search and hiring for deputies, it’s a statewide issue,” Foreman said.

Additional salary ranges include the following:

  • Night Shift Officer: additional 2% off of their base salary
  • Field Training Officer: additional 2% of base salary while mentoring
  • Corrections Response Team: additional 2% of base salary per month
  • Certified Instructor Pay: additional 2% of base salary while instructing
  • AA degree: additional 1.5% of base salary per month
  • Bachelor’s degree: additional 2% of base salary per month 
  • Master’s degree: additional 3% of base salary per month

For more information on working in Corrections for Grant County can contact the recruitment team at

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