Senator Mark Mullet (
Senator Mark Mullet (

Could there be another Democratic challenger for Governor in WA state?

 State Senator says he is considering running

Democrat Senator Mark Mullet, who has had a few skirmishes with Gov. Inslee over the years, made an appearance on the Jason Rantz Show on AM 770 KTTH Wednesday, and sounded almost like a libertarian.

Mullet says he is exploring the idea of running for Governor, and says AG Bob Ferguson "is more of the same."   He was referring to the "exploratory" campaign announced earlier this week on Twitter by the state's Attorney General.

Mullet referred to Ferguson as more of the same failed policies that have led to increased crime, taxes, and other issues plaguing out state.

 According to, when asked about vetoing tax bills and other kinds of legislation, Mullet said:

“I think it’s obvious it would be very specific to the policy issue,” Mullet answered. “Bills that are going backward, like on public safety, I feel very comfortable vetoing. Bills that increase taxes. Yeah, I feel very comfortable vetoing."

Mullet also said, referring to the current state of policies coming out of the legislature, and the social, economic, and public safety climate of the state:

 “I think anybody who’s happy and complacent with where things are right now is divorced from reality.”

Mullet also told Rantz he disagrees with the idea of a payroll tax to help fund the troubled long-term care program.

Mullet, who hails from Issaquah, was first elected to the State Senate in 2012.

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