The Columbia River Drug Task Force is trying to spread public awareness about different colored Fentanyl pills that are showing up in the region.

It says “Rainbow” Fentanyl has been confiscated by law enforcement in the Wenatchee Valley within the last month.

Task Force detectives say they've seen pictures of multicolored Fentanyl pills on the phones of suspects who live in the Wenatchee Valley.

It's being called the latest trend in Fentanyl that looks very similar to candy or children’s vitamins.

The Task Force also says there have been drug seizures in Washington State, specifically in Eastern Washington, of colored Fentanyl powder that looks similar to colored chalk.

They think it'll only be a matter of time before the new powder form of Fentanyl also makes its way into the Wenatchee area.

The Task Force is urging parents to warn kids against ingesting any type of pill that is not prescribed by a doctor, and against experimenting with any pills or powder given to them by an acquaintance, friend, or family member.

A statement from the Task Force concluded by stating, "Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous substance."

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