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The National Association of Broadcasters, along with Federal officials, are pushing back against some automakers who say they are going to drop AM radio bands from their newer vehicles (namely EVs) beginning in 2024.

  Automakers claim AM frequency creates interference or buzz

The claim about AM Radio waves causing interference with EV's, or creating a buzz in audio could be valid for BMW, Tesla, and Ford when it comes to all-electric.

However, we recently reported Ford plans to phase out AM radio in all its new models beginning in 2024.  Ford executives did not specifically address why the band is being removed. They kind of 'danced' around the issue.

AM is important because it has far greater coverage than FM, and AM radio is where most citizens get emergency information, live updates, and more. Far more sports stations are on the AM band as well.

Because of these reasons, Federal officials are pushing back against the move as is the NAB.

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A more sinister reason for the move, say some critics, is because AM radio is where the vast majority of talk radio programs are found, especially conservative talk radio. Hosts such as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Joe Pags, Dan Bongino, Lars Larsen, and others are heard daily. These critics, including some GOP legislators, believe it's a not-so-subtle effort to restrict their availability in vehicles.

 NAB pushes back, offers an easy way for listeners to comment

Conservative host Sean Hannity released information about how listeners can react, comment or push back:

"The NAB is encouraging listeners, station owners, and radio professionals to make their voices heard by texting AM to the number 52886. This will enable the user to quickly let their Representative know that they are against the push to eliminate AM radio from new cars."

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