Benton County has announced they will join a new national initiative of the National Association of Counties (NACo) to support military veterans called "Operation Green Light"

The County will participate by lighting the Benton County Courthouse and Administration Building green from November 7th through the 13th.

The goal of Operation Green Light is not only to support to support military veterans, but to also raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by many veterans and the resources that are available at the county, state, and federal level to assist veterans and their families.

Benton County is encouraging residents and businesses to join them by changing one light bulb in their house to a green bulb, be it an exterior light on their home or an interior light to let our veterans know that they are seen, appreciated, and supported.

attachment-green light 1
Courtesy National Association of Counties

While this event is focused around the week of Veterans Day (November 7th -13th), all are encouraged to continue shining the light year-round. Residents can share their participation on social media using the hashtag #OperationGreenLight.

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