I've been bald(ing) since my freshman year of high school. When I performed in track and field, many of us student athletes decided to shave our heads. I guess it was a decent look for me, because it never grew back in quite as thick. I would be upset about it, but I think of how much money I've saved in shampoo and barber visits, and I'm quite content being follicly-challenged.

A great friend (who has hair) shared with me the quote:

"God made very few perfectly bald heads... and the rest of them were covered up with hair." - Unknown


That is a great way to think about it, especially for those of us who feel embarrassed by nick-names like "Chrome Dome", "Solar Panel", & "Top Sack". With many celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, Jason Statham all embracing the wind on their scalp, it has given even more confidence to the rest of us to not invest as much money into the hat industry!


Here are a few notable people from our home state of Washington, who whether by choice or fate, no longer have the need for a shower cap.

9 Notable Baldies From Washington:

Amazon Guru: Jeff Bezos

How the richest person in every state made a fortune
Phillip Faraone // Getty Images for WIRED25

Author & Public Speaker: Arthur C. Brooks

Football Player: Roy Miller

Wikipedia Guru: Larry Sanger

Wikipedia Imposes A 24 Hour Shutdown To Protest Over Web Piracy Bill
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Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder: Phil Heath

Former Professional Basketball Player: Jamal Crawford

Former Football Player: Erik Coleman


Football Player: Zach "The Hulk" Banner

Rock Musician: Chris Ballew

Which bald Washingtonian should we have on our list? Tap the App and let us know! And you need more bald in your life... here are some other celebs who make bald beautiful!

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