It was back in early November when news broke about the suspicious death of 24-year-old Breanna Gooldy in Pasco. Now, prosecutors have charged 56-year-old Joe Garza with 2nd degree murder in her death.

According to authorities, Gooldy was found dead November 6, 2022 in a locked compound behind the Shopping Spot off of South 28th Avenue in Pasco. It has been reported that she was only wearing a t-shirt and was covered with two blankets and a shower curtain.

Garza apparently hit Gooldy in the face at least twice before attempting to lock her in a compound on his property the night before, according to a witness. She escaped, but came back and stayed outside in near freezing, rainy weather. The witness added that Gooldy was afraid of Garza and that he told the witness he was going to kill her.

Paramedics says Gooldy's body temperature was only 70-degrees when they arrived on scene and she had scratches and bruises all over her body. Investigators said Gooldy was spotted on surveillance footage at the store just before 11pm and that Gooldy clearly had injuries to her face. According to a witness, it was after this that Gooldy returned to the compound.

Documents also show that later that evening another witness stated Garza had asked them for help in moving Gooldy inside, adding Gooldy was moaning and was wet. They were unable to move her, so they covered her with another blanket.

Garza called 911 early the next day to report that Gooldy was no longer responding to him and that she needed help. She was taken to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Authorities arrested Garza for violating a felony order of protection and questioned him about what led up to Gooldy being locked in his compound.

The coroner's report shows the medical examiner could not conclude if Gooldy’s injuries were caused by her or someone else, though they did add that none of the injuries she suffered were found to be life-threatening. The toxicology report is pending at this time and Garza’s next court date has not been scheduled.

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